CeOS Member honored with the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation award 2021


During the 10-year anniversary celebration of GEOMAR’s membership in the Helmholtz Association, the CeOS scientist Dr. Florian Petersen was honored with the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen-Foundation award for is outstanding doctoral thesis “Analysis of seismic and aseismic deformation using shoreline-crossing observations” at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. In his thesis, Florian Petersen has focused on seismic (earthquake) and aseismic (silent) deformation of the Earth's crust, off the coast. He emphasized the importance of connecting coastal and offshore geophysical observations to better understand the occurrence of large earthquake and subsequent tsunamis. “Furthermore, the deciphering of geological faults and their deformation is crucial to provide an appropriate assessment of marine geologic hazards” added Florian Petersen.

The Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation is devoted to promoting early career scientists, outstanding scientific, technical, cultural and research achievements in Schleswig-Holstein. The foundation has been awarding prizes for excellent doctoral theses within GEOMAR since 2014. This year the foundation has promoted additional awards for outstanding commitment to knowledge transfer and transdisciplinary research as well as a scholarship for research exchange.

Photo: GEOMAR Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung, Kiel


Dr. Florian Petersen