News from the Center for Ocean and Society

New short film online about the nitrogen cycle and potential tipping points in the Humboldt Current

(13.01.2022) Latest project clip now available on Youtube

Tipping point in Humboldt Current off Peru leads to species shift

(7.1.2022) Researchers reconstruct link between ocean warming and shift to smaller fish species using sediment samples from the Humboldt Current System

Expedition M178 HazELNUT

(9.12.2021) Expedition M178 HazELNUT with the German research vessel METEOR successfully completed work off Etna and is now on its way to the third active volcano on its journey from Emden, through the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands.

CeOS member of the German Netzwerk Reallabore

(2.12.2021) Exchange for networking science and society is strengthened

Climatic changes and overfishing depleted Baltic herring long before industrialisation

Historical sources indicate that overfishing of the Baltic herring began over 500 years ago and continues to have an impact today

Podcast: Sustainable fishing –

(4.11.2021) A thought experiment examines opportunities and prerequisites

Stellenausschreibung wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in

Online launch of new socio-ecological strategy game “GoJelly”

(27.9.2021) Games- Bringing science to the public

Stellenausschreibung wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft

Innovation clusters against climate change

(10.9.2021) How permit markets can be used to spur technological breakthroughs

Understanding ocean oxygen depletion

(23.8.2021) New study helps understanding oxygen depletion - a sound basis for predicting changes in the future.