News from the Center for Ocean and Society

Job opening for a resource economist (Postdoc)

We are looking for a researcher in the field of resource economics starting 01.11.2024

Wissenschaftlicher Austausch über die südwestliche Ostsee

Kieler Meeresforschende von CAU und GEOMAR trafen sich am Ostufer zum disziplinenübergreifenden Osts...

Neue Impulse für die Forschungskooperation im Ostseeraum

Schwedische Delegation der Universität Göteborg zu Gast bei Kiel Marine Science an der CAU

MUrFor outreach

Sea urchin food web goes to the classroom

Climate Change and the Impact on Fish Stocks in the Western Baltic Sea

New ICES Expert Group, chaired by the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg and the Danish DTU Aqua, begi...

Virtual tour of the German research vessel METEOR

A hands-on experience of the ocean and the world of marine research developed by the Center for Ocea...

Third DAM research mission is launched on extreme marine events and natural...

CeOS involved in MULTI-MAREX

Marine living labs

Thematic session at conference in Dresden

What are the drivers of temporal overexploitation of natural resources?

Prof. Dr. Marie-Catherine Riekhof and Prof. Dr. Frederik Noack present an explanation based on regul...

Serious science in entertaining formats: Bio-economics meet Stop-Motion

At the 9th World Fisheries Congress, Rudi Voss presented on “Optimal Management Of Western Baltic Co...

Special Issue "Beyond One Ocean Health" - call for papers & contributions

The Special Issue is part of the UN decade project’s activity B1OH.

Vom Fischer zum Förster der Meere

Forschende der Uni Kiel, des GEOMAR und der Universität Hamburg bilden auf der FS ALKOR Fischer in m...