News from the Center for Ocean and Society

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Online launch of new socio-ecological strategy game “GoJelly”

(27.9.2021) Games- Bringing science to the public

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Innovation clusters against climate change

(10.9.2021) How permit markets can be used to spur technological breakthroughs

Understanding ocean oxygen depletion

(23.8.2021) New study helps understanding oxygen depletion - a sound basis for predicting changes in the future.

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New project "RETAKE" is starting in August

(16.8.2021) Atmospheric CO2 removal through marine alkalinity enhancement - what would be the impact on fisheries and food security?

Job opening

(10.8.2021) We are looking for a research assistant (m/f/d) in the field of resource economics in the project "Road testing ocean artificial upwelling (TestArtUp).