News from the Center for Ocean and Society

Artificial ocean upwelling - An economic evaluation

(8.7.2021) Project TestArtUp approved

From South Africa to the North Sea: sampling of hake in full swing

GenClim project investigates genetic changes in specific fish populations due to climate change

To Canada and Back - The MSM101 Expedition

(22.6.21) Researchers from Kiel University, with the participation of CeOS, underway on the German research vessel Maria S. Merian to Canada.

UN Ocean Decade Virtual Launch

(2.6.2021) “The ocean we need for the future we want” Germany launches UN Ocean decade in virtual event

Hope for the Recovery of North Atlantic Shortfin Mako

(19.4.2021) Importance of ecosystem service studied

Same same, but different!

(14.4.2021) Modeling and understanding social-ecological knowledge diversity

Ökologischer Zustand der Eckernförder Bucht soll besser werden

Neues Projekt unter Leitung der Uni Kiel entwickelt praxisnahe Lösungen für die Ostsee-Region bis zum Jahr 2030

New short film about Peruvian fisheries and their economic network

(8.3.2021) Latest project clip now available on Youtube

Humboldt Tipping Virtual conference - a successful experiment

Create useful knowledge for good policy-making

(23.2.2021) CeOS will support a new HELCOM project

Job Opening

(18.2.2021) We are seeking a scientist in the field of integrative (qualitative and/or quantitative) natural hazard analysis

New paths for Humboldt Tipping project meetings and communication- a virtual conference in

(15.2.2021) Humboldt Tipping internal conference held in a virtual format

Where do large earthquakes originate in the Ionian Sea off eastern Sicily?

(2.2.2021) New data helps to better assess the hazards in the region.