CeOS member of the German Netzwerk Reallabore


(2.12.2021) Exchange for networking science and society is strengthened

With its membership in the Netzwerk Reallabore (Network living labs of sustainability), CeOS reaffirms its transdisciplinary orientation. A living lab is a participatory research approach in which science and society work together to find solutions to problems. CeOS is currently coordinating the living lab Eckernf├Ârde, dedicated to the protection of marine habitats. From 2022, two more living labs will be established in Stein Wendtorf and in Greifswald as part of the German Alliance for Marine Research, focusing on future issues in Baltic Sea fisheries.

The Netzwerk Reallabore provides a communication platform where projects and their sponsors can network, exchange experiences and support each other. The common basis is the guiding principle of sustainable development. Members are, for example, the TdLAB of the ETH Zurich, the Faculty of Sustainability of the Leuphana University of L├╝neburg, the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and the Strategic Project Transdisciplinarity of the TU Berlin.

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Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs