ICES Annual Science Conference 2023


CeOS will participate in this year's ICES Annual Science Conference 2023 and will travel to Bilbao (Spain) from September 11-14.

The focus is on the future of fisheries. To this end, the CeOS team is organizing several event formats. A session by CeOS is held on site, lectures are given and posters are presented:

  • “Small-scale fisheries under global change – threats and opportunities” - Session chair Heike Schwermer (Session K, together with Steffen Funk (University of Hamburg) and Camilla Sgoutti (University of Padova))

  • “The role of climate change and socio-economic factors for multiple tipping points in the small-scale herring fishery in the Western Baltic, 1200-1600” - Rüdiger Voss (Talk Session K)

  • “The potential for, and challenges of, transdisciplinary research & real-world laboratories for building towards ocean sustainability” - Kai de Graaf (Talk Session M)

  • “How much is the Fish? Adopting an ego-network lens to reconstruct historic seafood trade networks in small-scale fisheries” - Rüdiger Voss (Poster Session K)

  • “Hooked on sustainability: optimising quota allocation for Western Baltic cod small-scale fisheries” - Robin Fleet (Poster Session K)

  • “Social-ecological dynamics in small-scale sea urchin fisheries: an interdisciplinary glimpse into complex human-nature interactions” - Lotta Kluger (Poster Session K) 

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Participation in the conference is still possible both online and on site!


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Dr. Heike Schwermer