South Africa: Science to Policy Workshop on Ecosystem Based Management


From August 22nd to 24th, 2023, the South African National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town became the epicentre of a transformative event - a Science to Policy Workshop for Ecosystem Based Management.

This gathering acted as a pivotal platform for experts hailing from five distinct international projects operating in the region (TRIATLAS, Mission Atlantic, iAtlantic, AtlantEco, One Ocean Hub), collectively embarking on a mission to narrow the gap between intricate scientific knowledge and its practical application within policy contexts.

After two days of preparation, the scientists discussed their findings with South African policymakers ranging from government officials to local and regional authorities, creating a tangible link between scientific information and the implementation of policies that drive meaningful change. The event encompassed panel discussions, presentations, case studies, and interactive sessions, all serving as catalysts for the metamorphosis of data-derived insights into actionable policies.

The focus centred on introducing innovative tools and models aimed at enhancing our comprehension of the cumulative effects of human activities on marine ecosystems, the significance of comprehensive fisheries management practices, while also delving into the intricate dynamics of emerging mining and petroleum activities within these ecosystems.

In an age where the world moves quickly and policy decisions hold far-reaching consequences, the Science to Policy Workshop stands as a beacon of collaboration, knowledge dissemination, and evidence-based decision-making. By fostering a deeper understanding between science and policy, this transformative event has hopefully taken us a step closer to a more informed and sustainable future.


Hans Sloterdijk