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As part of the research mission 'Marine Extreme Events and Natural Hazards' of the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM), a living lab for the investigation of marine geological extreme events and associated hazards is being established in Greece in the joint project MULTI-MAREX. In the frame of this project, Kiel University offers a 

Research associate/developer position in the field of XR/VR design and implementation 

until 31.12.2026. The regular weekly working time is 100% of a full-time position (currently 38.7 hours). The remuneration is based on pay group 13 TV-L if the requirements under collective bargaining law are met. 

For the immersive visualization and evaluation of research data from the network and publicly accessible data, virtual environments shall be created in a game engine for the use in virtual reality. To design and create these simplified digital representations of real-world environments, existing data pipelines and interfaces have to be revised and newly developed. This includes the implementation of high-resolution data collected during (marine) campaigns by the project consortium consisting of different academic and non-academic partners. These virtual environments will be used, evaluated, and adapted for a participatory approach for the stakeholder interaction. The aim is to develop virtual reality into a robust method for stakeholder interaction and to support the creation of the living-lab of MULTI-MAREX.


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Dr. Felix Gross

+49 431 880 6595