To Canada and Back - The MSM101 Expedition


(22.6.21) From June 12 to July 20, researchers from Kiel University, with the participation of the Center for Ocean and Society (CeOS), will be underway on the German research vessel Maria S. Merian to Canada, off the coasts of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (Novia Scotia).

The goal is to reconstruct the climatic changes of the past 19,000 years. The northwest Atlantic along the Scotian shelf and continental slope is an ideal region to study the present and past variability of the major near-surface and deep components of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC).

The expedition is part of the bilateral marine research collaboration between Dalhousie University and Kiel University together with GEOMAR. It is expected to provide important data and sediment archives to reconstruct variability in the converging warm and cold water-masses of the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current off Nova Scotia. Due to travel restrictions and quarantine requirements, the expedition will take place with researchers and students from Kiel University alone. CeOS is represented by Felix Gross.

The cruise participants will report their impressions and experiences here, on Instagram, @expedition.novamar, and Twitter, @Novamar_Msm101. You are invited to follow, like and comment and get to know the work steps and life on board, virtually.