For the second year, the Hackathon organized by Kiel Marine Science at Kiel University and Ocean Family / Ocean Summit will again revolve around sustainable solutions for the protection of the oceans. This year, the theme is "Ocean Innovation". In the seminars "Policy and Innovation for the Ocean" (Professor in Aletta Mondré, Institute for Political Science at Kiel University) and "Protection and Use of Natural Resources" (Professor Marie-Catherine Riekhof , Center for Ocean and Society/KMS) as well as the module "Ocean Sustainability" of the interdisciplinary Marine Master School, iMSMS (Prof . Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR)/Dr. Franziska Werner (KMS/University of Kiel) students have gained fundamental knowledge about the oceans, marine resources and the associated future challenges. The task now is to develop innovative solutions that can help to

contribute to using the ocean and its coasts in a way that enables sustainable management. The OCEAN INNOVATION hackathon is organized by the marine science research focus at CAU, Kiel Marine Science (KMS), the Center for Ocean and Society (Dr. Annegret Kuhn) and the Ocean Summit and Ocean Family team.

The hackathon will take place live (NOT a public event):

Anscharpark Kiel (House 1 ) , Weimarer Str. 6, 24106 Kiel, Germany.

27.06.2022, 09:30 - approx. 17:00 hrs.

28.06.2022, 10:00 - ca. 16:00 o'clock