The Living Lab Eckernförder Bucht - Lecture at NEZ Maasholm


Center for Ocean and Society Neufeldtstraße 10 24118 Kiel

Starfish in sea grass meadow in the Baltic Sea (c) Uli Kunz (Submaris)

Can bladderwrack help against overfertilization? And what are the benefits of new rock reefs in the Eckernförde Bay? The event at the Maasholm Nature Experience Center presents the "Living Lab Eckernförder Bay", launched in 2021 with the aim of improving the ecological condition of the Baltic Sea. And the problems are manifold: excessive nutrient inputs from agriculture, or conflicts of use between fishing, nature conservation, marine and tourism. Climate change also brings additional challenges. The Reallabor, an established approach in sustainability research for a spatially and temporally limited experimental space, aims to meet these complex challenges. Here, scientists work together with local stakeholders to develop solutions and test their effectiveness.

Lecture at the Nature Experience Center Maasholm

Speaker: Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs (Center for Ocean and Society, University of Kiel)

Wednesday 19.7.2022 at 19:30 


Center for Ocean and Society
Neufeldtstraße 10
24118 Kiel