(21.9.2021) Vanessa Steinweg presents results at ICYMARE (6pm)

Vanessa Steinweg, master student at CeOS, will present the results of her master thesis, which she is writing as part of the balt_ADAPT project. In her thesis she deals with the implementation of a vulnerability analysis with reference to the Baltic Sea fishery of the coastal regions in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The aim of the work is the calculation of a vulnerability index which identifies sensitive but also adaptable regions for fisheries and thus contributes to local fisheries management. The calculation is related to the changes of the western Baltic Sea during the last 30 years with respect to ecology (e.g., fish stocks, climate), economy (e.g., number of fishing boats) and socio-culture (e.g., unemployment rate).

From Sept. 21-24, 2021, the ICYMARE Conference will take place, an international conference for young marine scientists from various disciplines such as marine biology, sociology, political science and many more. The conference will address a wide variety of topics such as:

The impact of climate change on human marine activities, climate change in polar regions, the spread and impact of microplastics, and the sustainable management of oceans and fish stocks.

The conference will be held online this year.

Free registration here: https://www.icymare.com/conference/registration/