labsCAUs (Labrador Shelf Seismics at CAU)

Pre-site survey for an amphibious drilling project for the palaeo-reconstruction of the Laurentian Ice Sheet in Labrador, Canada

The Labrador Shelf on Canada's east coast is a key area for palaeoclimatic and palaeoceanographic research. During the ice ages, the Canadian hinterland was covered by the Laurentide Ice Sheet. During the melting, in the transition of the glacial to interglacial ages, large amounts of fresh water drained into the Labrador Sea and the North Atlantic. This runoff occurred via fjords and adjacent valleys.

The aim of the project is to identify suitable sites for drilling, that will allow a detailed reconstruction of the Laurentide Ice Sheet before, during and after the last ice age. Understanding how a huge ice sheet behaves under the influence of (past) climate warming and how the melting processes occur is essential for developing future scenarios for current climate warming. All project activities are carried out in consultation with the local communities in Labrador and Nunavut.


until 31.12.2023


Dr. Felix Gross
Kai-Frederik Lenz

+49 431 880 6595