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Ana Faria Lopes has a PhD in Economics from the University of Stavanger in Norway. Prior to this, she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree at Nova School for Business and Economics (Portugal). Ana was also an intern at both the Council of the EU and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (Belgium) and a research assistant at the NOVA Environmental Knowledge Center (Portugal).

Ana conducts research on environmental valuation. Her work aims at advancing the frontier of non-market valuation methods, by analysing the demand for environmental goods or services.

Research questions

Ana Faria Lopes estimates the value of coastal and marine ecosystem services. Human activity in coastal and marine areas has consequences to the quality and quantity of ecosystem services provided, which in turn changes the value that people derive from them.

  • How can we provide both reliable and valid estimates of the value of ecosystem services that are useful to stakeholders?

  • What is the non-use value changes from accidents for society, such as oil or chemical spills?

  • What is the value of recreational sites and how does this value change as a response to increased human activity offshore?