Caroline Grünhagen is a Ph.D. student and research associate (M.Sc.) at the Center for Ocean and Society since May 2021. As part of the team "Marine and Coastal Resource Economy", she is working on ecological-economic modeling of fish stocks as well as socio-economic adaptation pathways for fisheries considering climate change. Caroline is doing her Ph.D. in the RETAKE project, which investigates the feasibility, potentials and risks of atmospheric CO2 removal through marine alkalinity enhancement. Here, she is studying the effects of enhanced alkalinity on fisheries in the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as global food security.

After completing her B.Sc. in “Economics” at Kiel University with a thesis on the regulation of recreational fisheries in 2019, she successfully followed up with a consecutive M.Sc. in “Environmental and Resource Economics” in 2021. During her studies she gained additional experience as a research assistant at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and the CAU Kiel in both disciplines of economics and ecology.