Virtual tour of the German research vessel METEOR

A hands-on experience of the ocean and the world of marine research developed by the Center for Ocean and Society

Marine living labs

Thematic session at conference in Dresden

Third DAM research mission is launched on extreme marine events and natural hazards

CeOS involved in MULTI-MAREX

What are the drivers of temporal overexploitation of natural resources?

Prof. Dr. Marie-Catherine Riekhof and Prof. Dr. Frederik Noack present an explanation based on regulatory costs and technological progress

Serious science in entertaining formats: Bio-economics meet Stop-Motion

At the 9th World Fisheries Congress, Rudi Voss presented on “Optimal Management Of Western Baltic Cod and Herring Fisheries Under Climate Change” in an unusual, outreaching way.

Special Issue "Beyond One Ocean Health" - call for papers & contributions

The Special Issue is part of the UN decade project’s activity B1OH.

Vom Fischer zum Förster der Meere

Forschende der Uni Kiel, des GEOMAR und der Universität Hamburg bilden auf der FS ALKOR Fischer in meereswissenschaftlichen Methoden aus.

Good practice guide for transdisciplinary research published

Brochure of the reSEArch-EU project with recommendations for researchers on the involvement of practice partners

Job Announcement

We are looking for a XR/VR Scientist/Developer for creating immersive virtual environments which will be used in stakeholder dialogue formats and the establishment of a living lab

balt ADAPT. The coastal fisheries dialogue - a look back at 3 years of stakeholder work

Adaptation of coastal fisheries in the Western Baltic Sea to climate change

"Küstenfischerei an der Ostsee erhalten"

BMEL-Leitbildkommission zur Zukunft der deutschen Ostseefischerei legt Empfehlungen vor

Looking into the future of the Humboldt Current off the coast of Peru

Researchers in Kiel and Lima discuss ways to adapt to changing environmental conditions

ICES workshop: Making better use of fishers ecological knowledge

Through their daily work on the water, fishers have a different perception of the ecosystem than scientists, for example. How can this knowledge be integrated into scientific assessments?

CeOS-publication receives the Lamberson Award 2023

The paper “To tip or not to tip: The Window of Tipping Point Analysis for social‐ecological systems” led by Prof. Dr. Marie-Catherine Riekhof and published in the journal of Natural Resource Modeling, has won the Lamberson Award 2023